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I am pleased with the latest Star Wars instalment, “The Force Awakens”. I found it to be good, clean Star Wars fun… I was impressed by the fact that roughly the first half hour of the film is laden with scenes of pursuit!

[Spoiler Alert for what follows below]

Homage to the earlier films

There are a few themes in the film that seem to carry over from the earlier six films:

  1. Again, the fate of a galaxy seems to hinge on the relations between the members of a family. This time, we have a turnaround, for it is now the son – as opposed to the father – who has been led astray.
  2. Again, a droid is made to carry a vital set of information.
  3. Again, the hero leads a difficult life on a remote planet and is catapulted into action by a chance meeting with this droid. The hero is initially oblivious to the powers that they have.

I don’t mind this repetition, in fact it is probably the very basis of every good fairy tale. Even so, I think the film made a respectable effort not to repeat too much of its predecessors.


Harry Potter and “The Force Awakens”

I noticed that two concepts seem to have been “borrowed” from the Harry Potter realm:

  1. The fact that a lightsabre seems to “seek” its rightful owner, which was never touched upon in the previous six films and is akin to the situation where a magical wand chooses its owner.
  2. The ability to use the Force to read one’s mind, in much the same way as Voldemort peers into Harry’s mind.


The Big Question: Rey and Luke

Many have been speculating on the relationship between Luke Skywalker and Rey. From the trailers that were released prior to the release of the film, as well as the issue with Luke’s lightsabre choosing Rey instead of Kylo Ren in the snow, I would guess that Rey is indeed Luke’s daughter. I imagine that she was abandoned on Jakku when Luke went into hiding, so that she would not be discovered by the First Order.

Rey also appears to give a hint towards that being the truth: When Maz Kanata talks to her about “the family you long for”, Rey whispers “Luke”.

It is likely that Rey has visited the island where Luke is hiding, because Kylo Ren saw an ocean when he looked into Rey’s mind.

We shall have to wait and see how things turn out. What also remains to be seen is how Maz got hold of the lightsabre in the first place.

While we’re on the subject, the “helicopter shot” of Luke and Rey on Skellig Michael, at the very end of the film, was fabulous.


More Interesting Points in the Film

  1. It is likely that Rey has been inside the Millenium Falcon before the events of the film. She knew how to pilot it (more or less), as well as where the position of the gunner was. However, she expressed surprise when Han Solo referred to the ship by its name, so it seems that she didn’t know the identity of the ship.
  2. It is a pity that Han Solo died in the film, but this is understandable, since the new films will have to make way for their new heroes. I expect that Leia, Chewbacca and Luke may die in the next instalments as well. I should mention that I read somewhere that Harrison Ford had pushed George Lucas to have Han Solo killed in “Return of the Jedi”, but Lucas refused. Well, Ford got his way this time…
  3. It was interesting to see the Millenium Falcon receive such a pounding on Jakku and Starkiller Base… and a pity to see Chewie piloting the Falcon alone after the death of Han Solo (this for the first time ever in a “Star Wars” film).
  4. A long time ago (in this galaxy!), I read that George Lucas had initially planned for the hero to be a girl and then changed over to Luke. Well, there we are then, his original intentions have been realised.
  5. Luke’s original name in Lucas’s script was Starkiller not Skywalker, so the name of the First Order’s base must be a nod to Lucas’s original ideas.
  6. Finn is the very first Stormtrooper (not Clonetrooper) ever to be seen without a helmet.
  7. This film is the first to show TIE fighters inside a hangar and alongside their pilots. In the other films, we saw them only in space.
  8. Did Supreme Leader Snoke appear as a hologram? Because, in one scene, he seemed to disappear after the end of a conversation.
  9. I liked the parallel between Rey and Finn: They both grew up far away from their families.

Enjoy the awakening of Star Wars and sit tight until next year for Episode VIII!

Until then, may the Force be with You!


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