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A message to all my English-speaking and non-Hellenic-speaking followers:

Dear all,

I am planning on releasing a few articles on the Hellenic language and other topics about crisis-hit Greece, all of which are relevant only to speakers of the language and/or Greek nationals. These will of course appear in Hellenic. I could translate them into English, as I have normally done so far, yet the content will not be of any relevance to you and therefore the translation will not be of any value.

So, if you happen to see such an article or receive it in your e-mail inbox, by virtue of our “follower” relationship, please ignore it.

Of course, you are welcome to put it through an automatic translator, but I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the translation produced by such a programme.

Articles aimed at a readership outside the bounds of Greece and its language will continue to be written in English and – time permitting – appear in Hellenic as well.

Thank you all for your understanding.


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