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Today, 17 November, marks the 40th anniversary of the end of the Athens Polytechnic Uprising of 1973.

At that time, Greece had been under the rule of a military junta for six years. On 14 November of that year, a protest began in the Polytechnic in central Athens where students and people voiced their opposition to the oppressive dictatorship. Unfortunately, the regime ended the protest in the early hours of the 17th by sending a tank, which crashed through the central gate at the grounds of the Polytechnic and injured those who clung to its railings.

The military junta fell in July of the following year after being unable to handle the crisis that had been brought about by the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

Forty years later, Greece is in another difficult, but very different, period in its modern history. It is quite likely that none of those brave men and women, who took part in the uprising of 1973, ever imagined the situation that this country would find itself in today: Poverty, economic recession, disheartening unemployment, abominable and pitiful taxation imposed by a state marked for its indifference, prevailing uncertainty and a breakdown in integral aspects of social balance. The country may no longer be under the rule of a dictatorship, but finds itself bearing the unjust burden of having to meet the unrealistic economic demands that have been placed on it, all in the name of preserving the status quo defined by the Euro.


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